Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The best treat for travlers

Image result for stroopwafels by daelmansImage result for stroopwafels by daelmansImage result for stroopwafels by daelmans  To order yours go to

I was wowed when this product came in for review. It is smart, practical and best of all DELICIOUS! May I add too I observed during the review that the product is priced wonderfully for such a high quality product. Delicious  cookie like waffle that can go with  your coffee for a yummy experience! They can be eaten alone as well. Perfect for businesses for those sales meetings or church gatherings, etc. We gave this product a 10 out of 10 stars. I did receive our products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The best gadget for air travelers

Airhook Setup   To order yours go to

Today's post is made possible by The Air hook. When you fly things can get really cramped - It's especially hard if it is a long flight and you are working paperwork on the flight or have small children  The air hook goes on the flight tray and you can hold bottled water and hook up your cell phone , headphones etc. This makes for a much more enjoyable trip. I a great item for all travelers. Also a perfect item to give your business customers who are in the air a lot I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

She may not have gotten the train ride but she did get $6000

Sweepstake winner wins $6000 ! 

About 15 years ago, when sweepstaking was still done via snail mail, I entered a sweepstake ran by Marlboro  which was for a train ride trip across the northwest US.  I would get the postcards for the sweepstake in the gas station or convenience stores and fill out a few a day.  I mailed about 150 over a few months time.   I won!!!   But...they sent me a notice saying the trip was delayed and the train was still being built and would I accept a $6000 check instead?  HA!  It was the end of November and you couldn't be fast enough to catch me running to the bank with the check!!!  That money was so helpful for Christmas and paying some debt off!   The trip would have been nice but cash is better!!  It was so exciting to win that and I really feel that spreading my entries out over time helped.

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One of my favorite hobbies is knitting - It is relaxing and a great hobby to take with you anywhere!

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Friday, December 8, 2017

win a trip? Maybe doing a youtube would get you to win the next one!

shhhh.. don't tell my mom I didn't edit this.

This morning I posted a few youtube giveaways up on my personal facebook during the Holidays there are tons of youtube sweepstakes/giveaways to enter. Make sure you type in something like Dec 2017 giveaways and then enjoy all those to enter. You will have to make a youtube account in order to sub to the "sponsors/youtubers"  - I have won a few of these and many are really easy to win as the entry level on many of these are very very low. With that - Have you seen all the youtubes up about sweepstaking? I know I posted a few through the years just go to poplebackyardfarm on youtube and put in sweepstakes. But I am not the only one .. there are many, many youtubes up about winning sweepstakes, and people showing off their wins -- people air  from other sweepers, sweepstake site owners to just about anything sweeping.  I want to challenge some of YOU to get on youtube and start sharing your wins! It is a great way to win more! People will be able to connect with you better when they see a face and many youtubers will invite their watchers to join them on facebook, instragram , etc.. another way to grow your personal sweepstaking community. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing some videos!! Now if are not the type that will do a video .. why not just sub to other sweepers on youtube and be a part of the sweeper community on youtube - Another great way to connect and to learn and grow in this fun hobby. Talking about not for you... I am unable to commit to a faithful live stream for sweepstaking but I would love to see some of you start doing some live streams for sweepers on youtube.  I am hoping that we get at least 25 people this year that jump on doing actual live streams for sweepers. I have seen this happen with many "communities" on youtube. I personally will join in the multitude of homesteaders as I also have a little farm . There are about 5 -10 homesteading networks of friends and many don't do the live stream themselves but they go from network and show to show chatting and showing their support. It really brings the community in closer. I know if I go to a show all the people watching will sub to me, etc.. it's really nice.. just so you can see that it will help you and you don't even have to be the one doing the live show. The ones doing the live shows usually get more but that's cool because they are doing the work. Yes, facebook has livestreams too, but today's post is youtube as this is a nice big fat "opportunity" that the sweepstakers haven't completely taken over. It will be a huge advantage for you to be one of the first too. Facebook and even instragram are satuated but youtube because people were camera shy in the beginning- they aren't anymore is only now getting the exposure as people just don't stress about getting in front of the camera with the birth of the selfie LOL. One final note.. When you see a live stream on youtube for sweepers get on board - or a video and spread the word - Just imagine if we all just did a video a week or month to show our winnings and we had a few of us do a live stream. It would make us all stronger and it is another great way to share your facebook pages, instragrams, ideas, etc.. it's just such a upclose community I know I feel I know the people on youtube doing sweepstakes and it would be wonderful for all of us to grow together. Hope this get's you thinking.. :) And my advice if you are considering this- Just do it and do it afraid.. you will be fabulous! I am hoping to find more youtubers showing off their wins and bonding together :) We can do more together than apart. I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to share this newsletter and more important enter, enter, enter! 

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Yellow Stone National Park - A trip for those wild at heart!

Image result for yellowstone national park

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A trip to the wild side of America!
If you love nature, like me ,Yellowstone may be a wonderful place to plan your next vacation. Camping is primitive, and so are the restrooms! Lots of hiking and fun! There are nice hotels in the area if you are looking for something a little more civil. When at the National park obey the rules as there have been people that fell into the boiling springs, bear attacks etc.. If you bring your animal and if he or she gets lose it would be best to tell a park ranger raher than to go looking for him on your own. Also be aware that on the roads you may be held up by a bison! But what a wonderful trip of a lifetime to go with your family! It's not a zoo the animals are all wild. Be bear aware you may even want to pack some bear attack spray! (Yes there is such a thing!). This is camping at it's best!

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travel with Hyperchiller

Image result for hyper chiller

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Love ice coffee? This product is really cool it cools down your coffee in hyper-time to create a delicious ice coffee for you! It even fits under many coffee brewers. I loved using this product! It is perfect for Holiday giving! We liked how it worked and found it to be convenient and easy to use. We did receive our product product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Great Falls Montana

 Image result for Great Falls Montana        I love traveling and finding new places to go and I want to share with you a great spot in Montana - Great Falls!

Image result for Great Falls Montana  If you have never seen snow you will definitely want to check out the Holiday lights! Be sure if you book a hotel to have a open schedule as snow can be unpredictable!
Image result for Great Falls Montana

Did you know that ?
The Great Falls has 3 Rivers? The Roe, The Sun and the Missouri.
It is home to the largest fresh water spring in the USA - Giant Springs!
Each year the Montana State Fair is held here.
Image result for Great Falls Montana

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